Why more Asian men like Caucasian women

Have you noticed a recent surge in Asian men and white women being together lately? Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Caldwell were one of Hollywood's first Asian man/Caucasian women celebrity couples … and that was in the 60s! So what's changed?

The question is, why is this interracial combo not as widespread as other interracial combos? There is definitely a higher percentage of Asian women with white men than ever before. Why?

Asian stereotypes have been created by society in general. Enough articles have been written about it and are too often only highights of stereotypes. Do Caucasian men actively seek an Asian woman because of their exotic looks and supposed submissivenes? they certainly do. How many have this so called Asian fetish or yellow fever?

So what about the rise of interracial relationships between the Asian man and Caucasian woman? Is it that Asian men are fed up with their female counterparts and that they take revenge by dating Caucasian women? (just a thought) Or just that there are fewer Asian females in their dating pool so they are expanding their own horizons?

Like all men they are just attracted by the difference.

People should be intelligent enough not to allow trivial stereotypes to conform to their preferences on who to date.

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